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Reaching Nirvana

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October 13, 2018  |  2,159 views  |  0 reviews / comments

Reaching Nirvana by Michele Chantal. Book coverReaching Nirvana is a refreshing true story of a former military brat who takes you along on her journey of soul discovery & healing. Her open mind expresses her experience in a deep yet humorous way as you fly through chapters of childhood trauma, bullies, sexual assault, expressions of a teenage heart and a marriage that simultaneously killed and rebirthed her soul as she hunted for love. A story of a woman who remembers the magic inside of herself and wants to make it her mission to remind you of how lit you are too.

She believes the world is like one big giant Shakespeare play; half the time you can’t understand shit, it’s hella dramatic and yet most stick around because everything is so damn poetic. A book with a curious mixture of memoir and self-help through the telling of her story.


Author's Notes

I wrote this book for many reasons, the first being because I always knew deep in my heart that I would write one. Writing was always a great tool that helped me vent out pain and emotions and it was a huge dream. I wanted to connect with other souls through my book by showing people that we are not too different. I did my best to write my story in a way that made it possible to put yourself in my shoes and realizing we'll all walking very close to each other. I wanted to let people know it's okay to feel and express. I want this book, a piece of my soul, to help people in any way possible.

About Michele Chantal

DE Germany

Michele was born in Europe. She ventured out to America at a young age due to the military and has been exploring the world ever since. She gets joy in finding the magic in the world while keeping a humorous open-minded perspective on it as well. Michele plans on writing more books in the future and intends on continuing her interests in the spiritual world, making a career out of it as well.

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