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Real Ghost Stories Experiences

Chilling True Ghost Experiences from India
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August 8, 2022  |  485 views

Real Ghost Stories Experiences by Avadhesh Kumar. Chilling True Ghost Experiences from India. Book coverTranscending borders and boundaries, ghosts and supernatural experiences exist in every part of the world. Apparitions, hallucinations, phantoms - whether imagined or real, there are no scientific explanations for why ghosts appear.

Author heard personal experiences from village elders, colleagues and friends about their run-in’s with paranormal activity. In this collection of stories, author retells his friends' and families' recounts of ghost appearances from all over India. With each retelling, the mystery and suspense builds, see for yourself. Are you ready to believe? Are ghosts real?  Get ready for a thrilling voyage.

There are 8 stories in this book:
The Ghost Who Wanted a Lift
Ghosts are known to transport by flying or simply by disappearing from one place and appearing at another. However this experience tells that ghost may also love to travel by car. What a family does when they fall into such circumstances?
The Ghost of Almora
Ghosts may appear at a place and time when expected the least. How close an encounter can get ? Read on to find out.

Haunted Building of Aligarh
Only old buildings are haunted? Not necessarily. New buildings can also be haunted. Reasons for haunting also vary. Read on to find out the details

The Staircase
In this story, staircase is the main stage of recurring events. But you can’t feel safe, as ghost may also be fond of venturing into new places.

The Fridge
How can a fridge be scary !!? This true experience will tell you exactly this. Don’t believe ? Read on to find out.

The Bhajan Mandali
The performance of this bhajan mandali (performing band) was remembered by spectators. But one day something happened which the mandali would never forget. This experience tells us that some kind of ghost experiences can be worth looking forward to. This experience had a happy ending.
The Ghats of Kolhapur
Even seemingly small decisions can lead to unforgettable experiences. Lonely places are not always safe and wild animals are not the only threat.
The Jungle Trail
The word jungle trail gives a feeling of green landscape, cool winds and serene surroundings. This experience tells us that Jungle trails can also spring surprises.


Author's Notes

Humans have always been fascinated with supernatural experiences, which cannot be explained with a rational mind. They keep happening with people at a time when they expect them the least. People who have not experienced them refuse to believe and those who have experienced them never forget till their last breath.

This book contains bone-chilling stories of supernatural experiences in India and is sure to give you goosebumps. Read them to enjoy yourself when you are alone or to narrate them to your friends during get-togethers after dark and become a master scarer.

About Avadesh Kumar

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Avadhesh Kumar has an accomplished background, with a Bachelor of Engineering (B.Tech), Bachelor of Law (LLB), and Master of Law (LLM). He has over 25 years of work experience in field of direct taxes. He is located in Jaipur, India and loves to play golf, stay fit, read books and watch movies in his spare time. He is an avid traveller who searches for the meaning of life and death - the...

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