Real World Blackjack

How to Win Without Counting Cards
by John Lucas US United States
February 10, 2012

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Real World Blackjack: How to Win at Blackjack Without Counting CardsI have been a Blackjack Dealer for over twenty years and a player for over thirty years. I have recently written a book that will help anyone to become a better Blackjack Player. The information provided is the result of my many years of observation and also charting many years of research. This research is based on the changing conditions and variables found in a Casino. Chapters include: Real world Basic Strategy; Real World Progressive Betting Strategy; Real World Money Management; and a "Behind the Scene Look"atf the casino industry. The book may be purchased at


Very enjoyable book. Good information. Glad I bought it.
real world blackjack
Not a long book, which I like, bit really good info. I would recommend this book.
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Real World Blackjack: How to Win Without Counting Cards
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