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Respect 2020

by Steven Lytton  GB United Kingdom

September 9, 2011   |    1,329 views    |   0 reviews / comments

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Respect 2020A nail biting political thriller, Great Britain in the not too distant future, lawlessness and hopelessness in society have turned the inner cities into no go areas made up of ghettos where ruthless criminals rule the streets while facing no consequences for their actions, a new and controversial government is elected, crime rates are dropping and control is being reinstated. But, what is going on behind the walls of the inaccessible, new generation holding centres, and who is behind the masks of the enforcers of proposition 63, R-2020, the proposition that forms the governments ideology of ‘the perfect society’. The burning question is, have the people failed society or, has society failed the people? Have we learned from the past or do we have to accept that we never will?

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