Romans to Jude - Precise Christian Scripture Revealed

While it may be difficult and even disturbing to believe, it’s true: much of what you’ve been taught and have learned about Christianity and the Christ has been incorrect.
There is nothing at all wrong with the actual gospel—it’s just that the authentic gospel truth has been spun in so many ways that many Christians cannot discern how and when they are being instructed incorrectly, however unintentional. Others no longer feel comfortable believing what they are being taught – nor should they. Thankfully, the gospel of Jesus Christ is inerrant—and does make those who seek to understand its mystery wise unto salvation.
In Romans to Jude – Precise Christian Scripture Revealed, author Chandel L. White reveals how the traditional presentation of Jesus Christ that has been propagated over the last 500 years by any church, television ministry, treatment program, or book has not been the definitive illustration of the gospel. He further details how millions of “believers” world-wide have been “spiritually blinded” by traditional doctrines that, in turn, have prevented them from recognizing the treasure trove of unadulterated gospel placed just beneath the textual surface of the New Testament by its original writers.
In addition to challenging Christians to open their minds, put doctrine aside and read the Bible with a fresh perspective, this book offers insightful step-by-step “how to” strategies that help readers accurately decipher the Old English text of the New Testament. With the precise interpretation of allegory and symbols, the gospel of Jesus Christ can finally be seen and applied to one’s life as it was truly intended.
Romans to Jude – Precise Christian Scripture Revealed teaches Christians how to delve deeper into the scriptures of the King James Version of the New Testament to gain a more complete and meaningful understanding – unlike anything ever presented in history. This book is paving the way for Christians of all races and denominations around the globe to remove the restrictive and dogmatic veil of doctrine, become enlightened as never before, and get on with believing, living and loving the authentic gospel truth. What you learn will change your Christian perspective forever!

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