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Samurai Road

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by Lawrence Winkler  CA Canada

March 25, 2015   |    1,952 reads    |   0 comments

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Samurai Road - Book Image Did Not Load!Most remote islands of the imagination conjure up paradise. Japan is an archipelago of puzzlement. Most remote islands of the imagination conjure up paradise. The principle product of Nippon is mystery. Who are these people? How do they view themselves, and others? What makes them behave so well, and so badly? And why is Japan the weirdest place on Earth? From the sands that forged their swords and serenity, they traveled a Samurai Road of temples and shrines, feudal fortresses, and flowing mountain streams of wasabi. On sashimi and soy sauce, and green tea over rice, they lived a thousand years of pathos, under cherry blossoms and ephemeral moonlight, in Zen gardens and futon dreams. It was all so perfect.

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