The sculptor and the priest

Comic book (Humor) & Historical facts about priests in ancient Egypt (Babackey (Sculptor from ancient Egypt))
Book by Diaa Anwar
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January 6, 2023  |  226 views

The sculptor and the priest by Diaa Anwar. Comics. Book coverThe Priests were the most strong men in ancient Egypt after the Pharaoh, and sometimes more strong than the Pharaoh, and they are in high class above the craftsmen, like the sculptors, so when the priest ask the sculptor something he must obey, and the grand priest ask Babackey to sculpt a statue for him, but Babackey hates the grand priest, what will happen? you can read this in this book .

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Born 1972 Working in comics in Egypt since 1998 ‘Working in comics in Arab world is a hard choice, because you need another work or job beside comics to earn money, so the time for comics is decreasing, and you can not realize all your imagination, and it be most difficult if you have many ideas, so I am here trying to get out this narrow place to the worldwide across self publishing window...

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