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The Sculptor and the Sacred River

Comic book (85 comic pages) & Historical facts about Nile River in Ancient Egypt (Babackey (Sculptor from ancient Egypt))
Book by Diaa Anwar
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May 11, 2023  |  162 views

The Sculptor and the Sacred River by Diaa Anwar - Book cover.The sculptor Babackey from ancient Egypt was not stopped by anything from sculpting statues, including the Nile flood, which was sometimes violent and flooded cities, and was little in other years and caused drought, and in all cases Babackey was facing funny situations.

The Nile was the source of life in ancient Egypt, the Nile flood allowed a crop surplus to fulfill the population’s basic food needs, The Nile also served as the main means of communication throughout the Nile Valley unless the Nile was exceptionally low or high, how was Babackey dealing with the Nile caprices ? The bride of the Nile was true or legend ? you can read this in the this book.

In this book you will read :
- Comic stories about Babackey, the sculptor, and the Nile river (85 pages).
- Historical facts about the Nile river in ancient Egypt (With funny illustrations).

Author's Notes

In this series of comics, you read the adventures of the sculptor, Babackey, and you know that sculpture was an essential element in ancient Egypt, and many sculptures reach the point of miraculous, and that is why I created the character of this amazing sculptor, he was sculpting everything quickly and accurately, and he has a wife who also wants to To practice sculpting sometimes, and his sworn enemy is the high priest, who constantly demands that he sculpt a statue of himself, While the pharaoh does not stop building temples and palaces and demands the sculptor to sculpt statues, how does Babackey deal with his wife, the high priest, the pharaoh, and daily life in ancient Egypt, you will find this in this series, through many pages of comics, and information about ancient Egypt.
In this series, I did not commit to a specific time, but rather I try to cover most of the historical periods of ancient Egypt, including periods of renaissance and periods of decline.

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Egypt, Born 1972 Working in comics in Egypt since 1998 "Working in comics in the Arab world is a hard choice, because you need another job or work to earn money, so the time for comics is decreasing, and it will be more difficult if you have many ideas, so I am here trying to get out of this narrow place to the world through self publishing , I am now fifty years old, and I hope in the rest...

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