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Sedition Book I: Xian

by Grea Alexander  US United States

January 4, 2022   |    405 views    |   0 reviews / comments

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Sedition Book I: Xian by Grea Alexander. Historical romance. Qing Dynasty, China. Book coverQing Dynasty, China.

Having done the unthinkable, Lady Choi Xian finds herself in an impossible situation.

Fleeing with her personal bodyguard, Commander Ishikawa Kenji, to The Forbidden City in China - where her lover and soon to be coronated Emperor holds sway, Xian believes she is safe.

However, with the Korean princess and future Empress determined to make her life a living hell, can Xian escape The Forbidden City before it's too late?

Author's Note: 

I do not write children's books. My books are for adults. My books contain adult themes, adult situations, sexual situations, cursing, intoxication and violence. Some books have more than others. Some characters engage more than others. If you find such offensive, you might not want to read my work. Then again, you just might feel naughty and want to read them anyway. (wink)

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