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Grea Alexander


Grea (pronounced Gray) Alexander is a female writer of African American, Native American and French descent who does not write her profiles in the 3rd person.

Born and raised in Houston, TX, I have successfully wormed my way across many a border and have, in effect, managed to infect all that I survey with my particular brand of grea-ness. My books are very character-driven with a focus on flawed, dynamic, culturally-diverse characters and strong, smart female protagonists.

Books by Grea Alexander

Sedition Book I: Xian by Grea Alexander. Historical romance. Qing Dynasty, China. Book cover
Having done the unthinkable, Lady Choi Xian finds herself in an impossible situation. Fleeing with her personal bodyguard, Commander Ishikawa Kenji, to The Forbidden City in China - where her lover and soon to be coronated Emperor holds sway, Xian believes she is safe. However, with the Korean princess and future Empress determined to make her life a living hell, can Xian escape The Forbidden City before it's too late?
Fiction > Romance
Miael: The Couturier - Book cover
Duchess Cressida Courtlandt had no choice. At least that's what she told herself as she stared up at the imposing structure that was the Groversner hotel, the neatly printed calling card of The House d' LeBlanc clutched tightly in her richly gloved hand. Still, as the hour came now upon midnight, as she stood alone on the nearly deserted London street, she could not quite compel herself to enter - to carry on towards the couturier's penthouse suite ...
Fiction > Horror & Paranormal