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The Servant King

Revelations of Majesty in Christ’s Humility
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November 20, 2022  |  322 views

The Servant King. Book by Verne Nesbitt. Christ’s Humility. Book coverHave you ever wondered how Jesus is fully God, and yet He walked the earth as a man? Have you questioned how Christ is without beginning or end, yet He was born of a virgin and died on a cross? With vivid brushstrokes, author Verne Nesbitt paints a dramatic portrait of our Lord, offering insightful answers to questions which have puzzled generations of Christians and non-Christians alike. Unique insights into Christ’s humility will ignite your love for Him, strengthen your relationship with Him and increase your devotion to Him. A sense of wonder will illuminate your understanding as you catch a deeper glimpse of Jesus Christ, The Servant King.

Some of the questions/issues addressed in this study:
Why did Jesus come to earth?
Why is Jesus called our humble King or our our humble Messiah?
Why did Jesus live a perfect life?
What true humility means
What Christ gave up for you when He came to earth
How valuable you are to the Lord
How nature reveals the glory of God
How God transforms you into His child
Why Christ longs to be with His Bride
How the light of Christ can shine through you
Why did Jesus have to die?
How the humility of Jesus is demonstrated in the Bible
How can He be both Jesus the servant and Jesus the master?
Why did Jesus die for my sins?
Why did God become man?

About Verne Nesbitt

US United States

After witnessing a tragic accident at nineteen years of age, Verne Nesbitt found himself on his knees pleading with God to save him with the shed blood of Christ. From that moment on, he knew deep within that he would serve the Lord for the rest of his life. In the course of his ministry, Verne acquired degrees in both theology and philosophy, which equipped him to teach philosophy and...

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