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Seventh: Blessed Warriors

Book One

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April 6, 2017  |  1,494 views  |  0 reviews / comments

Seventh: Blessed Warriors - Book coverThe Selkirk family is one of the seven Blessed bloodlines: true emissaries of God. Empowered through his seven archangels the Blessed families have protected mankind from demonic threats for over nine hundred years. As the seventh son of a seventh son Cadell Selkirk has power beyond that of his brothers and the other Blessed families. That power has made his demonic enemies fear him and mark him for destruction.

Trained from birth to fight supernatural threats to mankind, Cadell and his brothers stand against diabolic forces that most people don’t believe in yet still instinctively fear. With hell gathering its forces against them the Selkirks are the only thing standing between a new hoard of vengeful demons and an unbelieving and unprepared human race.


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Ray Chilensky lives in rural Tuscarwarus County, Ohio. He has worked briefly in law enforcement and for several years in private security. He has studied political science and history at Kent State University. Late in life he decided to pursue his passion for storytelling and combined that passion with a lifelong interest in history and politics to seriously peruse a writing career.

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