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The Pandora Principle

FIRE Team Alpha
by Raymond Chilensky  US United States

March 1, 2018   |    588 reads    |   0 comments

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The Pandora Principle - Book coverDuring the First Sovereignty War the soldiers of the F.I.R.E Teams and the Paranormal Army Corps were at the vanguard of the war against global tyranny; fighting alongside normal human troops to smash the World Central Authority. But, with the war over, fearful politicians and mysterious factions of oligarchs see paranormals as a threat to their power. Jealous of the superior mental and physical abilities paranormals possess, those politicians attempt to relegate the F.I.R.E. team operators and their brethren in the Paranormal Army Corps to thinly veiled slavery. With fear and hatred awaiting them at home, F.I.R.E. Team Alpha must protect one of the politicians seeking to enslave them from super-human terrorists who aim to plunge a world just recovering from more than a decade of global war into total chaos.

The Pandora Principle is the third book of the F.I.R.E. Team Alpha Series.

About The Author

Ray Chilensky lives in rural Tuscarwarus County, Ohio. He has worked briefly in law enforcement and for several years in private security. He has studied political science and history at Kent State University. Late in life he decided to pursue his passion for storytelling and combined that passion with a lifelong interest in history and politics to seriously peruse a writing career.

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