Sex and Desperate Hearts

Book by S. Aksah

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Sex and Desperate Hearts by S. Aksah. Book coverDolores Von Geoff is living and working in London. She always worries about her thinning hair and exercises whenever possible to achieve her "size zero" goal. She is a "honey making money" type living in the sprawling metropolis and scoffs at anyone who she considers to be a money-grabber.

After two relationships that did not end up well, Dolores is currently playing it safe. She says that for now, she is not looking for a relationship and will be cautious of men altogether. "You know these are typical of men. They like to woo you. They would say the nicest things to get to you, and when you let down your guard, they will have no guilt whatsoever to step all over your heart," she said.

Will Dolores continue to be a single gal? Will she finally admit that she's looking for the one? Sex and Desperate Hearts is a collection of two short stories on gay Muslim men looking for relationships. Will they find what they are looking for? Or will it just be one heartache after the other?

About S. Aksah

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S. Aksah has worked as a journalist in Kuala Lumpur for the past 10 years. He graduated from the University of Manchester in 1998 with a BSc. in Psychology and Neuroscience. Looking to reinvigorate his career, he is attempting to take his writing down more creative avenues. Sex and Desperate Hearts is his first attempt at doing so.

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