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Sins of the Father

by RJ Palmer  US United States

August 30, 2012   |    1,084 reads    |   0 comments

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Sins of the FatherA minister losing touch with his faith…

A severely autistic child with no past, no present and no real future…

An evil older than time itself…

When the boy Lucian is thrown into Aaron’s life with nowhere else to go all hell breaks loose and Aaron confronts things he never actually imagined could really exist in an effort to save one small, tortured child.


About The Author

Here it is, and I’m already having a problem. I’m supposed to write about me. Good Lord, is there anything more challenging? I can write about others; characters in my novels, my children, husband and just about anyone else when I put my mind to it. When it comes to writing about me, I draw a blank. Don’t get me wrong, I can write endlessly about my world views and tidbits about other people that have affected me in one way or another but when it comes to just me, I’m better at deflecting. I’ve become something of an expert at it, too.

I love writing about my family in particular... more

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