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Sir Laurence Dies

by Christopher D. Abbott  US United States

March 5, 2013   |    1,004 views    |   0 reviews / comments

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Sir Laurence Dies (book image did not load)Sir Laurence Dies is a brand new murder mystery in the Agatha Christie “whodunit” style, set in 1930s England.
A story of intrigue, guile and red herrings, half a dozen suspects, and a murder to boot.
Just what is the morose butler, Dawson, hiding behind that stone faced reserve? Why does Lady Agatha Smythe carry around an old photograph of her younger days, and what exactly is her relationship to Major John Heskith? Is Milly Gregson the meek girl she seems to be, and is Desmond DuPont’s interest in her more than simply platonic? Is the debonair Doctor Jacob Powell the lady’s man that local gossip suggests?
It was never going to be an easy task to put this puzzle together when they don’t have all the pieces, or any idea what the picture might be. However that’s exactly what Doctor Straay and Chief Inspector Drake must do, if they intend to find the murderer of Sir Laurence Gregson; but can they work together to solve this murder, or will their antithetical differences on psychology and police work stop them before they even start…?

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