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Skully, Perdition Games

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by L.E. Fraser  CA Canada

February 19, 2016   |    2,414 reads    |   0 comments

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Skully, Perdition Games (book) by L.E. FraserShe can’t run fast enough to escape her past.

Six months after the abduction of Gabriella LeBlanc, ice fishermen find the child walking on the frozen surface of Lake Superior with a white dog.

Authorities discover a brutal murder in an isolated cabin, but the girl has no memory of her imprisonment or escape.

The joyful family reunion quickly shifts to distrust in the shadow of Gabriella’s strange behavior, leaving the dog she returned with as her only companion. When misfortune befalls the family a second time, Gabriella runs from her past.

Twenty years later, she vanishes again. Police rule her disappearance as homicide and charge her husband with murder. Hired to gather evidence to acquit him, Toronto PI Samantha McNamara and ex-OPP Inspector Reece Hash suspect that Gabriella’s childhood trauma holds the key to unravel the truth. When Sam learns of clandestine ties that her father had to the victim’s past, she must face a painful betrayal without exposing the web of lies she’s telling Reece about her family. The deeper they journey into Gabriella’s haunted life, the higher the risk that Sam’s deceit will destroy the one thing she values in life.

A psychological thriller with twists that keep readers flipping the pages.


About The Author

I’m a voracious reader, love movies and cooking, and am an avid supporter of Indie artists. After living in Toronto for years, I now reside in London Ontario Canada with my husband, sons, and three pugs. Yes… I know… if you visit my website there are only pictures of the pugs. In my defense, they’re so adorable.

I haven’t always made smart life choices, but the people I met and roads I took (even the dark ones littered with potholes) fed a passion for creative writing. In the early years, I wrote song lyrics for a band and magazines published my short stories, but I worked full-time... more

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