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Someone Always Loved You

by Brooke Williams  US United States

May 30, 2014   |    1,189 reads    |   0 comments

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Someone Always Loved You (book cover)His first day on the job, ambulance driver jay has a horrible accident and hits a pedestrian. His victim, jordan, who was rushing to the hospital to be with her ailing husband, is thrown into a coma. Because of his guilt and a pull that he feels, jay keeps a near constant vigil at her side to the detriment of his career and his own family life. As their lives intertwine, both past and present, a story of love over time unfolds. This intricate drama includes love, suspense, high emotion, illness, wonder, plenty of questions and eventual answers. "Someone Always Loved You is a novel that keeps the mind churning and the souls alive.

About The Author

Brooke Williams is a former radio announcer/producer and script writer turned freelance writer and author. When Brooke's first daughter was born in 2009 she left her full time radio career to stay home. Eventually, she realized she could fulfill her lifelong desire to write while her daughter napped and she then entered into the freelance writing world. As her business grew, she took on clients from all over the world and began to dabble in fiction writing once again. Brooke has several books on the market including her first novel, "Someone Always Loved You" and the... more

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