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Beyond the Bars

by Brooke Williams  US United States

May 30, 2014   |    1,144 reads    |   0 comments

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Beyond the Bars (book cover)Beyond the Bars is a tense story carried out with the classic ‘Rashomon effect’, in which multiple-viewpoint characters go through similar events, each with a different experience.
A homegrown terrorist rallies several terrorist organizations and convinces them to carry out a meticulous plan. The goal is to rid the country of so-called evil by targeting specific people by location. Using the latest in powerful, military-grade explosives, they set off coordinated blasts at three of the nation’s crowded bus terminals. Hundreds are killed. Fear sweeps the nation. Through five lead characters we see how their lives are disrupted by the terror campaign. Their worlds merge and intersect because of this frightening experience.

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