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SOUL ALIVE! Poetry & Prose

by Atlas Brown  FR France

March 12, 2013   |    1,235 views    |   0 reviews / comments

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SOUL ALIVE! Poetry & Prose (book image did not load)'SOUL ALIVE! Prose & Poetry' a book of poetry written for the sake of writing, dedicated to society that rejects the art form as a worthy cause and occupation.
Writer and poet, atlas brown opens up the book stating, “SOUL ALIVE! Prose & Poetry was written out of frustration in my studio. When you want something so bad that you can taste it, what would you do to get it?”
Grab your favorite beverage, turn on your reading device, and get ready for enlightenment.

About the Author

atlas brown is a creative writer, philosopher, and fashion guru. Currently, she is finding her creative muse in Paris, France… while writing a novel. The writer released her first book of published poetry in March 2013, Soul ALIVE! Poetry & Prose. The literary gift to the masses is available online free of charge to the public via the writer's book promo page... View Atlas Brown Profile

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