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Spiritual Songs: Letters From My Chest

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June 13, 2017  |  1,506 views  |  0 reviews / comments

Spiritual Songs: Letters From My Chest - Book coverThis is a prayer book for all race, color, and religion. May all unite for there is one Creator and we are the creation. This book contains 98 prayers and is not affiliated with any religion. May this be an inspirational friend throughout your journey of life. This prayer book is for all of the creation, praying in union from our soul to our Lord, The Creator. For all creation, I have written this book. I love The Creator, how can I not love the creation?

Author's Notes

I had a dream where I had written prayers. I placed them in a bottle and as I let them float in the river, I prayed may they find those who but need them tonight. I have seen all throughout my journey of life. At times, we get so lost, we just cry to our Creator. No religion, just the creation and The Creator. So I have written from my heart, in my words, my heartfelt cries, my love, my fears, and my devotion into simple words for all of whom need them. Read them, cry with me, and feel good about all humans, all the children of The Creator.

About Ann Marie Ruby

US United States

I am an unknown person who lived the struggles, overcame the obstacles, as I have endured the pain and joy of life as they landed upon my door. I like to be the unknown face to whom all can relate. I want you to see your face in the mirror when you search for me, not mine. For if it is my face in the mirror, then my friend you see a stranger. The unknown face is there so you see only yourself...

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