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Still Waiting For The Sun (book) by Robert SegarraInheritances come in all shapes and sizes, but Jane Whitley never could have imagined how hers would turn out. Depressed and uninspired, she had been unhappily going about her business living her life in New York City when out of the blue she received news about a windfall that had suddenly come her way. But it wasn't the sort of windfall she could easily have accepted.

In order to receive this inheritance, she would have to give up everything she had in New York and travel down to North Carolina. At first she resists, but during one particularly bad stretch, she relents and decides to take a chance and see what life somewhere else may have in-store for her. After all, she tells herself - "Life is all about second chances." In due time, Jane finds herself on her way to try and discover what might lay in her future.

Author's Notes

"Still Waiting For The Sun" is a book about America. It is a chronicle of all the different types of people in America, thrown together in a tiny town, during one particularly difficult time for many of them. Main character Jane Whitley finds herself at a crossroads in her life and career, while some of the other characters face more serious difficulties, and for others it's the trivial things in life that they seem to be dealing with at the moment. This book is about how each deals with what life has handed them at the particular moment in time when this story takes place.

About Robert Segarra

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Robert Segarra is an artist, writer and musician, based in Brooklyn, New York. He has written music, poetry, novels, scripts and children's books. About a dozen of his screenplays have been made into short movies. His music is available at, and, among other sites.

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