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Robert Segarra


Robert Segarra is an artist, writer and musician, based in Brooklyn, New York. He has written music, poetry, novels, scripts and children's books. About a dozen of his screenplays have been made into short movies. His music is available at, and, among other sites.

Books by Robert Segarra

Still Waiting For The Sun (book) by Robert Segarra
Inheritances come in all shapes and sizes, but Jane Whitley never could have imagined how hers would turn out. Depressed and uninspired, she had been unhappily going about her business living her life in New York City when out of the blue she received news about a windfall that had suddenly come her way. But it wasn't the sort of windfall she could easily have accepted. In order to receive this inheritance, she would have to give up everything she had in New York and travel down to North Carolina.
Fiction > Romance
The Christmas Mouse (book) by Robert Segarra
A mouse experiences his very first Christmas ever, and it is chronicled here in text and illustrations for children of all ages, with words and drawing by the author and artist, Robert Segarra. Released in 2001, it has become a tradition of sorts for many to follow Timothy as he travels from his home in a country meadow to visit his cousin who lives just outside the city in Maine, for a holiday experience like he has never before experienced.
Fiction > Children
Heaven - a poem by Robert Segarra
Heaven by Robert Segarra is a poem about ideals. It is a poem about the ideals we can all aspire to, whether they be societal or human in nature. It is an especially subjective poem that means different things to different individuals reading it.
Fiction > Poetry