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Surviving The Corporate Culture

A Guide To Survive & Achieve
by Robert Michael Lehmann  US United States

June 9, 2017   |    1,261 reads    |   0 comments

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Surviving The Corporate Culture - Book coverWorking in the corporate world is seeing increased challenges, and with Surviving the Corporate Culture you will have a head start on the millions of others just like you. This book covers many topics such as coping with stress in a cubicle environment. It also provides tips on how to become the top producer in your department, beginning with the initial phone techniques when scheduling appointments, to the elements of effective communication with clients, co-workers, and management. Chapters also provide advice on leadership and even planning for your retirement. Get your copy of Surviving the Corporate Culture now! It will be the most illuminating read you will have this year.

About the Author

The author is a 30-year licensed college counselor, who also worked with KKVV Radio in Las Vegas, Nevada where he completed negotiations and questions directed to the candidates for the final debate between Senators Harry Reid and John Ensign prior to the election of the future Senate Majority Leader.

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