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Ten Threads

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by Richard R. Becker  US United States

June 27, 2022   |    612 views    |   0 reviews

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Ten Threads by Richard R. Becker. Short Stories. Book coverAn Idaho farmer who earns a second chance at life finds that the past has a hard time letting him go. A young girl navigates funeral-goers, family, and the unusual circumstances of her grandmother’s death in Pennsylvania. A risk-averse young man must make a bold move after stumbling into a nightmarish government biohazard. An aging alcoholic vigilante is asked to find common ground with a teenager in a secret witness protection program.

These and six more short stories intersect with 50 States, the award-winning, bestselling anthology that surprised readers with 50 thought-provoking stories across different genres, moods, and states of mind. Together, these new stories stand on their own and expand upon a growing body of work that takes place across the American landscape.

Ten Threads is a companion to Richard R. Becker’s stellar debut, 50 States. It was published as a brisk 125-page Kindle exclusive and available for free on Kindle Unlimited.

Author's Note: 
The eighth short story, Third Wheel, is an early glimpse inside what will become the author's first novel.

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