Third Wheel

Third Wheel by Richard R. Becker - book cover.
Richard R. Becker

1 September, 2023

Third Wheel is an unforgettable coming-of-age thriller about belonging, betrayal, and breaking away. It is the story of a boy trying to find his identity without the benefit of role models in the pre-boomtown hours of Las Vegas, 1982. But he and his friends are on shaky ground as one of them tries to leverage a cartel drug connection in Mob town.

Author's Notes

Brady Wilks is remarkable as a transformative protagonist. He is the youngest of his friend group, has family struggles at home, and is involved in a longshot romance. Some readers won't like Brady initially, but that is part of the experience. As Brady makes his transformation, he becomes a root-worthy underdog.

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Book Awards

  • Global Book Awards finalist (winners announced this fall)

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Genre: Fiction > Coming of Age

ISBN: 9798985381177

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