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by Edward V'Kanty  US United States

March 29, 2015   |    1,781 views    |   0 reviews / comments

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Testament by Edward V'Kanty. Book coverFor the first time anywhere, Testament draws the reader into the New Yorke witch trials! Experience this 17th century horror first-hand and decide for yourself whether or not to condemn the accused for heresy and witchcraft.

Testament is based on the trial of Ralph and Mary Hall, accused of practicing witchcraft and sorcery against the family of Ann Rogers. This book takes a look at what may have happened and how New Yorke, like Salem, could have fallen prey to the fear of witchcraft.

There is but one catch: The reader must determine the path this colony is to follow. After reading the journal entries of apprentice magistrate Singent Straubb and the court documents regarding the trial of accused witches Ralph Hall and his wife Mary, how will you cast your verdict?

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