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The 100 Best Movies Ever Made ... Mostly Suck

by Nigel S.  US United States

July 5, 2011   |    1,669 views    |   0 reviews / comments

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The 100 Best Movies Ever Made ... Mostly SuckTired of antiquated "classics" that just don't cut it? Movie critic Nigel S. reveals the hypocrisy of the film critic elite by exposing some of the greatest movies in the world for what they are - flawed, dated, boring, pretentious garbage. Did you know that no one actually heard Charles Foster Kane say "Rosebud"? Or that the movie Lawrence of Arabia acts more like he hates the Arabs? What about the film "classic" that's blatantly pro-KKK? Or the fact that the whole premise of Hitchcock's endlessly-praised Rear Window utterly invalidates itself? When you saw Sunset Blvd. and just didn't get it, you weren't the one in the wrong - it's the picture that was small.

It's time to face facts: The 100 Best Movies Ever Made ...Mostly Suck.

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