Performing Arts

Performing Arts 

Find great books about performing arts. Books about stage, radio shows, dancing, acting, circus skills, magic, mime, puppetry, speech and stand up comedy.

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A compendium of the author’s stage and radio plays - while 'Slighted Souls' deals with the rebellion of the downtrodden, 'Men at work on Women at work’ is about sexual harassment at work place and even as 'Castle of Despair' is built on the ground of man's urge for success, the radio play 'A Love on Hold' depicts the drama of love and possession.


Onto the Stage (book) by BS Murthy
by / RO Romania

There are not many to play it, but the ones who do .. we try to make it more and more popular. Lots of new tricks are being invented over the year, and that's what makes it a toy of creativity. Some of the most popular tricks weren't even thought to be possible last year. But .. with lots of training, we were able to do them!

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