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The Battle of Identity

by Emmanuel O. Afolabi  NG Nigeria

May 4, 2016   |    1,024 reads    |   0 comments

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The Battle of Identity (book) by Emmanuel O. AfolabiThe Battle of Identity" is all about how to regain our past glory, honor and authority to rule and reign over every circumstances around us, because man was created to have dominion and to excel in whatsoever he does, hence we're born to rule, but the setback can be recovered.

The Book enumerated the principles to recover that which is lost and enter into the divine covenant originally meant for man, by humility and fear of
God that will avail tributes blessings of riches, honor and long life as stated in Proverbs 22:4.

The book further revealed that there is no solution to the jigsaw puzzle of our lives called "difficultes" hence we must learn to hear from God first before we embark the journey of our lives else we may end up on a wild-goose chase that produces nothing.

The Battle of our Identity may appear difficult, we are however not alone, we have God's assurance of His presence in our journey of life. When we
think we are all alone He watches over us.

About The Author

Emmanuel O. Afolabi from humble beginning an orphan thrown into the wind of life after my ´parent pass-on, became a season teacher, blogger and author of two books. My operative word is "Stay On" with determination i'm what I'm by his grace still pressing on to the higher calling of God upon my´life to fulfil my destiny and to impact my generation positively for his glory. l've reading and writing and also willing to lend a helping hand.

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