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The Beginning at the End of the World

Survivor Diaries- Book II
Book by Lynn Lamb

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June 4, 2016  |  1,600 views  |  0 reviews / comments

The Beginning at the End of the World (book) by Lynn LambFor every end, there is a beginning.

My name is Laura Patton, and I lead a band of survivors of a global nuclear holocaust trying to rebuild a life.

The earth is enraged and seeking revenge for our trespasses— with leftover surprises in the rubble of our city, dormancy can’t last forever.

When the Plague runs murderously through the Village, and lives and psyches continue to be pushed to their limits, I’m faced with a gut wrenching decision. But are the Villagers ready to take the risk and leave this catastrophic reality for what could be a worse unknown?

Should we follow the ambiguous motives of Colonel Jackson?

Growth is hard, but stagnation means certain death.

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Lynn Lamb is the author of the post-apocalyptic Survivor Diaries Series, Opus of the Dead Series, Mechaniclism, and The Oxymoron of Still Life. She is also an independent filmmaker, graphic designer, and scriptwriter. The explosive Survivor Diaries, the chilling Mechaniclism, and the terrifying Lullaby of the Dead, have made a big bang and a scream on the literary scene. Grab these titles,...

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