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The Blue Ridge Project

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by Neil Rochford  IE Ireland

May 14, 2016   |    1,345 views    |   0 reviews / comments

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The Blue Ridge Project by Neil Rochford. Book coverDetective Andrea Nox is asked to conduct an off-the-books investigation of a strange murder-suicide involving high-ranking officials in Beacon City. The dead ends and odd clues leave her with little to go on.

Then, there's another murder.

Now she has to face her own rough past with the police department as well as this bizarre case as more secrets are dredged up.

Journalist Robert Duncan is visiting his mother after some personal problems when the unthinkable happens. He unearths long-kept secrets about his family… and his place within it. This leads him to go back over an old story that thrusts him deep into a dangerous conspiracy involving powerful people.

Frank Mortimer, rich boy and deviant, has agreed to take part in an experiment that his family claims will improve him. However, with the sinister and secretive group known only as The Project pulling the strings, what he is getting better at could prove disastrous for everyone else, as a dangerous power is being unlocked inside him...

Their paths will converge in a shocking moment of murder, intrigue and clandestine experimentation that threatens to change the world itself.


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