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The Borman Factor

A Nick Borman Thriller Book 1
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by Robert Lalonde  CA Canada

May 25, 2016   |    1,767 reads    |   0 comments

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The Borman Factor (book) by Robert LalondeWeeks after a member of the wealthy Piermont family is murdered police still have no witnesses, no leads and no motive for the crime.

Bill Piermont hires Nick Borman, a specialist in corporate espionage, to bring the killer to justice. Borman uncovers a tangled web of deceit, greed and corruption as he hunts down the killer.

From city hall to the depths of Toronto’s criminal underworld, Nick Borman is in hot pursuit of a cold blooded killer. Will Nick get the killer or will he become the next victim?


About the Author

Robert Lalonde is the author of The Borman Factor (A Nick Borman Thriller Book 1). He is currently writing Unrecoverable (A Nick Borman Thriller Book 2).

His first book, The ELH DIET, describes the diet he followed to lose weight and regain his health after a battle with cancer.

He lives in the Georgian Bay area in Ontario, Canada with his wife Marianne.

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