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The Casebook of Doctor Sababa

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The Casebook of Doctor Sababa - Book coverYou will love Harbour City. Most visitors to the island drive right through, without taking time to explore its attractions. But you’re not most visitors. You will get to spend some time.
Go head. Turn on your radio. That’s BC Bud, 101.3 FM on your Home and Native Band.  He will announce your special arrival.
And if you catch something more than a salmon, you could be referred to Doctor Sababa, an Internal Medicine consultant at Harbour City Regional, the Sage of the Salish Sea. He would amuse you with his wit and wisdom, and the spontaneous combustion and thrust they generate, often mixed in unequal proportions, as he dances with the devil in the pale moonlight. Before there was artificial intelligence, he was the real thing, working in the mysterious old ways of a masterless samurai. In the myriad motions of all celestial objects, he was a meteor.
With proper care, you might even survive your encounter. Welcome to the spring and summer of his Casebook. Welcome to Sababaland.

Author's Note: 

The Casebook of Doctor Sababa is a fictional account of the most interesting cases I had as an Internal Medicine consultant on Vancouver Island in British Columbia over a thirty-year career. The stories are witty, gritty and fascinating.


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Lawrence Winkler

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Lawrence Winkler is a physician, traveler, and natural philosopher. His molecules have morphed from medicine to manuscript. He lives with Robyn on Vancouver Island and in New Zealand, tending their gardens and vineyards, and dreams.

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