The Child In The Entrepreneur

The Child In The Entrepreneur by Chris Blenning - Book cover.

2 August, 2017

Robert is a successful entrepreneur, with a thriving business portfolio and a lifestyle that enables him and his family to live the life of freedom that he had always desired. While hosting a party for his daughter’s 8th birthday, he begins to reminisce on the stages of her life so far, and realises the enlightening similarities and synergies with his entrepreneurial journey. This book documents an entrepreneur’s route to success, by showing the parallels between the phases of a child’s development and the qualities and mind-sets required for any existing or aspiring entrepreneur. Inspired by the author’s own entrepreneurial journey and experience as a parent, “The Child In The Entrepreneur” tells a story that will resonate with every current or potential entrepreneur, while providing an emotive, entertaining, thought-provoking parallel with an entrepreneur’s life, topped with tips to success and achievement for any forward-thinking reader.

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