The Complete Instant Pot Mini Cookbook

Simple 3-Quart Instant Pot Mini Recipes, Best Cookbook For Your Pressure Cooker For Two
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July 29, 2018

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The Complete Instant Pot Mini Cookbook - Book coverDo You love cooking with Your Instant Pot Mini Duo 3-quart electric pressure cooker or just thinking about getting one? Would you like to cook easy and delicious meals in practically no time? Then this Instant Pot mini cookbook will be perfect for You!

In this Instant Pot mini healthy cookbook, You will find electric power pressure cooker recipes that are delicious, healthy and easy to cook at the same time! All recipes can be cooked with commonly used ingredients. Every recipe comes with detailed instructions how to slice and mix, exact measurements, cooking time and temperature, nutritional information (macros), as well as pictures of what Your dishes will look like! On top of that, You will also get useful Instant Pot mini tips.

Check what You can get in this book:

- Instant Pot Mini Useful Tips
- Instant Pot Mini Function Keys
- Poultry Recipes
- Beef and Pork Recipes
- Soup Recipes
- Vegetarian Recipes
- Seafood Recipes
- Desserts

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