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April 12, 2019

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THE COOL BREEZE OF SPRING - Rebecca's diary - Book cover18 September 8.40 am
12-year-old Rebecca Riverton was looking forward to her camping trip. Instead she finds herself alone at the stables, with only her horse Flock for company.

Having lost everything except her backpack and sleeping bag, she rides east, hoping to find other survivors in London.
Straying too far south, she finds a home and friends at Hever Castle, where she forges a new future for herself as she gains the respect of both humans and aliens.

In her diary, Rebecca describes her emotions and adventures as she adapts and flourishes in a new world where prejudices and stereotypes of the past have disappeared.

Author's Note: 

As an accidental survivor, Rebecca joined Caila’s team in ‘THE COOL BREEZE OF SPRING - A new beginning’.
I had no intention of allowing her to become more than a side character. But Miss Riverton had other ideas.
Feisty as she was, she forged a far greater role for herself than intended. This teen had a lot more to say, and does so in her diary.


A page-turner, be prepared to read it in one sitting
I read this companion, after the main novel, ‘A new beginning’, so I don’t know how it reads as a stand-alone. In this diary style novel, Rebecca, the 12-year-old heroine from the main novel describes her journey and emotions around the apocalypse. As Rebecca is only 12 years old, she is not made partial to everything that happens in the main book, but cognisant and clever as she is, she has her own explanation for what she’s experiencing. She writes it down in her diary, uncomplicating everything that happens around her. It’s funny and tear jerking at the same time. A page-turner, which I read from start to finish in one sitting.
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