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The Discipleship Series

by Taka Sande  ZA South Africa

January 18, 2013   |    1,536 reads    |   0 comments

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The Discipleship Series (book image did not load)This is a Christian book, giving the basic Christian life teaching. The book covers topics that include personal devotional life, who is God, what is the Bible, who is Jesus Christ, salvation, faith, baptism, prayer, fellowship, giving and charity. I ended the book with a topic on backsliding!
It’s a good book not only for a new Christian but for anyone who what to know more about the basics of Christian faith.
“The Discipleship Series” book is available on:
This is a powerful, life transforming book!
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Thank you!

About The Author

Taka Sande is an author, and a social and economic entrepreneur who facilitate social, spiritual and economic development. He has a passion for making a difference by influencing and adding value to people’s lives. He is the founder of the blog It’s My Footprint, You can also find him on @TakaSander, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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