The Entrepreneur's Manifesto

The Entrepreneur's Manifesto by R. Kenner French - Book cover.
A Collection of Smart Financial Advice

29 April, 2020

In The Entrepreneur's Manifesto: A Collection of Smart Financial Advice, Kenner lays unique strategies that any entrepreneur would find helpful.

A small selection of items you will learn in this easy-to-read and easy-to-understand book includes:

* Potential IRS red flags for entrepreneurs
* Key lessons about long term investments
* IRA withdrawal lessons
* Ideas about Health Savings Accounts (HSA)
* Ten bad money mistakes to avoid
* Essential estate planning ideas
* Avoiding risks to family wealth
* And much much more...

Author's Notes

Why have a book filled with smart financial advice?  Well, there seems like there is so much stupid financial advice for entrepreneurs there MUST be the demand for one to offset such consultation.  This book was compiled over twenty years of answering questions that are of great importance to entrepreneurs.  I want people to walk away after reading this book understanding answers to their questions about such items as taxes, retirement plans, estate planning, and other items of interest to entrepreneurs (either rookies or veterans).  

In the chapter, "Six Hidden Tax Deductions," there are highlighted simple ideas that for some reason even consultants and veteran entrepreneurs overlook.  Now, why is that?  Is it because they are too easy?  Are they too complex?  Are they too time consuming?  Whatever the reason, they need to be mentioned as I have been asked them all too frequently to omit them from the book.

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Genre: Non Fiction > Business & Money

ISBN: 9781653841738


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