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The Father's Recipe for Personal Finance

A Believer's Guide
by Antoine C. Boyd  US United States

April 19, 2017   |    770 reads    |   0 comments

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The Father's Recipe for Personal Finance - Book CoverThe story is told of a father giving advice to his two adolescent children while they are preparing a family meal. They have a phenomenal new recipe to try as well as a deep conversation about personal finance. The father answers several questions the teenagers have regarding money management, retirement plans, debt, and a few other things that are relevant to the subject. He explains it using the Heavenly Father's blueprint in a very basic way so that any late teen, young adult, parent, or educator should be able to grasp. His prayer is that these principles can be passed down from generation to generation in order for his family to always be well positioned economically. What sets this book apart is that it differs and compliments the normal long novel containing a large amount of jargon that tends to bore ordinary individuals.

Author's Note: 

"The Father's Recipe for Personal Finance: A Believer's Guide" assists individuals interested in applying God's Word to common money management matters. Its unique advantage lies with being written as a normal conversation any late teen, young adult, and parents could comprehend regardless of their level of financial acumen. It's a relevant short book rather than a long novel containing a large amount of financial jargon that tends to bore ordinary individuals.

About The Author

Antoine C. Boyd is a business professional and finance enthusiast who has a strong passion for helping people become financially fit using the Word of God. Growing up in Baltimore, he learned at an early age how a family can make a dollar and a prayer stretch into whatever necessities were needed. He later worked for large corporations and local nonprofits as a Management Accountant, Credit & Collections Lead, and as an independent consultant counseling individuals who may not be able to afford high-priced advisers. Mr. Boyd’s academic background includes getting a B.S. in Finance, a... more

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