The Flip

The Flip by D. Sidney Potter - Book Cover.
The True Life Story of How a Successful New Tract Home Investor Went from Zero to Hero, Back to Zero

5 March, 2017

The Flip, based upon a true story, tells the truth about Fliponomics. Set in 2002, it’s about an overly aggressive real estate broker based in Pasadena, CA who flipped 50 new tract homes in 5 years. Conflicted, driven and full of hubris, this investor employed a controversial burn and churn strategy of buying multi-homes under construction for as little as $1,500 and rapidly reselling these homes at a substantial profit. Is the protagonist, D. Sidney Potter a reckless investor or an innovative opportunist? 

In this maniacally character driven OCD real estate book, read how this highly educated (a doctorial student at Pepperdine), former Ford model, “pin-up calendar boy” morphed into the “poster child” of the sub-prime crises, who ultimately went into bankruptcy and nearly went homeless (the irony?). Born in Redondo Beach and schooled in South Central Los Angeles, D. Sidney Potter is The Flip, a real estate docu-fiction which chronicles the real estate crisis before, after, and now.

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