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The Geneva Connection

by Martin Bodenham  GB United Kingdom

February 18, 2012   |    3,645 reads    |   0 comments

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The Geneva ConnectionMy novel THE GENEVA CONNECTION was published in December 2011 by Musa Publishing. It’s an organized crime, financial thriller. It has received considerable media attention, including interviews on the BBC and newspaper articles.

Much of the detail in the book is based on my twenty-five year career as a private equity investor and corporate financier.

I am halfway through my next financial thriller.

About The Author

I was born in Leicester, England in 1959. My American father was in the US Air Force while my British mother sterilized telephone handsets. I was educated at the Duke of York’s Royal Military School in Kent and at the University of Leicester, where I read economics.
After university, I trained as a chartered accountant, working in the UK and USA. I have spent the last twenty-five years in private equity, working either as an investor or advisor. Today, I am the CEO of Advantage Capital, a London-based private equity firm... more

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