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The Gift: A Parable of the Key

Book 3
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by Kathryn Elizabeth Jones  US United States

September 1, 2015   |    1,300 reads    |   0 comments

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The Gift: A Parable of the Key (book) by Kathryn Elizabeth JonesAfter the death of their only child, it was time for Virginia and Richard to truly act on the power held within the five stones.

But their healing was taking a long time, and, quite frankly, proving to be an empty vessel needing to be filled.

Would they ever have a child of their own?

Would the old key help in their search for the truth? Joy was in their lives once again, a homeless teen with an alcoholic mother, still managing the journey to Just Desserts for another pink cupcake.

Was Joy the answer? And if so, what was the truth locked within her heart?

Travel with Virginia and Richard as they make their journey with God. Seek. Knock. Open. Find. Discover for yourself how an open heart - heals.

About The Author

Kathryn is always up for a great mystery. As a teen, she enjoyed Nancy Drew Mysteries and often spent her afternoons and evenings reading the next book over spending time with friends or doing her homework. She also loves shoes, in all their varieties. Her last book in the Susan Cramer Mystery series, Over Easy, gave Brianne James just the nudge she needed to start her own series, with her own mysteries to solve. Tie Died is the first book in this new series, one that promises to take teen readers on their own search for romance, top-secret clues, and a bit of undercover fun.

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