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The Grumpy Panda Fixes His Smile

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December 17, 2020  |  599 views  |  0 reviews / comments

The Grumpy Panda Fixes His Smile by Felicia Richards. Book coverAndy, the little panda bear, becomes grumpy one day when a wheel breaks off his best toy car. No one has time to help him find it behind his cupboard, making him even madder! At Granny’s house, he does not want to speak with anyone until Granny decides to help him fix his smile.

This wonderful story for kids shows how a bad mood can be overcome when we consider answers instead of allowing anger to snowball.


About Felicia Richards

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Felicia Richards is a children's author who has loved to write since her youth. However, Felicia was motivated to write her book because she couldn't find a suitable book for her child. Everything she read, she wanted to change and bring to the ideal. Then it was decided to make her book and put everything that she wanted to tell her child about through a children's story. The book impressed...

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