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The Homecoming

by Aihebholo-oria N. Okonoboh  NG Nigeria

December 22, 2013   |    1,789 reads    |   0 comments

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Book Image Did Not Load!A novel that takes a tour of Nigeria at the grass-roots. It looks at social injustices, willful neglect and callous corruption on the part of those at the helm of affairs. The settings encapsulated this raw truth in a rural community. Get a foretaste from this brief review:
It was a two-fold finding - a home and a son - and a time for happy family reunion and laughter. Life went on normal in the genteel old town and Ekoyata Egbe was glad to return home to Iyala. And disappointed he was. For he was confronted by unsightly community in the clutches of corruption and superstition. In a moment too soon, Ekoyata found it hard to believe that his father, Egbe, was a member of a caucus and could give him as a ransom for his image. Also revealed was the top secret of the willful neglect of Iyala because the strong caucus benefited from confusion, with a long history of assassinations. Until he was warned about his honesty of purpose, Ekoyata did not know that he had taken the central stage in the fight and campaign against the caucus. Was he also going to be the next victim of assassination? It was the beginning of a misery that would sit Ekoyata on the keg of peril... with the thrill of romance... adventure... and keen justice. Would daring to accept the help of a handsome stranger named Okojie prevent the caucus from finding his corpse?

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