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The Homeless Teddy

Book 1 Origins of Homelessness

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Author's Notes

Because of circumstances when my brother & I decided to move to California we ended up homeless. At the time I was playing Pokémon Cards on my Advanced Gameboy, and because of the boring sitting in the hot sun with a sign, and the doll that can be used to switch out a character, we started thinking about, "What if we had a teddy bear do this?" From there we came up with several storylines, and I began drawing some out originally to try & get a newspaper to pick it up. I don't know if they accepted or not because we didn't stay in the area long enough for them to reply back. I kept trying to do this, but I didn't have a bank account until recently. Now this is a first time for publication on Amazon. The first issue was made with all my original drawings, but future stories will be more focused. This whole thing was a test, & what better way to perform a science experiment than to use a teddy bear!

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Currently living in Virginia, and working as a temp worker for various factories. Love to get more books out there, have a lot of story ideas that I think people will love. Currently on hard financial times, but hoping to get more books published, and even open an online store for t-shirts, caps, posters, stickers, mugs, & even toys and games eventually.

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