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The Movie Game

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September 28, 2019  |  849 views  |  0 reviews / comments

The Movie Game - Book cover Have you ever been with family or friends and went to a movie, rented a VCR tape or DVD, or turned on the television to watch a movie or show that they wanted to watch, and you thought all right this might be interesting, but found yourself totally bored about five to ten minutes into the program?

Maybe you started poking fun at the program, left, shut it off, or simply changed the channel even though your family and friends wanted to watch it and were annoyed with your attitude, or maybe you couldn’t because the others were into it, so you sat there totally bored, wrestling with your thumbs, and counting the seconds you were wasting until the horrible ordeal was over.

Well this little book sitting in your grubby little hands (Did you wash them?) is the answer to your boredom. 


Author's Notes

My two brothers and I used to play this game ourselves growing up, and I made the point system. Eventually I wrote it into a book, watching movies to get good quotes for examples on the points. I am hoping to expand this into a board and card game, and even eventually a special version of Bingo.

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Currently living in Virginia, and working as a temp worker for various factories. Love to get more books out there, have a lot of story ideas that I think people will love. Currently on hard financial times, but hoping to get more books published, and even open an online store for t-shirts, caps, posters, stickers, mugs, & even toys and games eventually.

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