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The House Where No Bird Sings

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December 29, 2011  |  3,895 views  |  3 reviews / comments

The House Where No Bird Sings - Book CoverJoe an ex-soldier is wrongly convicted for the murder of his wife and children, and sentenced to be detained indefinitely in an asylum for the mentally insane. He escapes and is determined to find his missing wife and exact revenge on those who framed him. He did not bargain for what he was about to uncover. Rejected and betrayed by his mother in childhood Joe has always felt alone and unloved. He is left to fend for himself with a family legacy of dark secrets yet to be revealed and of which he is completely unaware. Joe plans his escape with military precision but with the balance of his mind disturbed, he kidnaps a woman whom he truly believes to be his missing wife Jayne. He holds her captive in a long disused army base for months in circumstances which can only be described as a living hell. It is too late for him to go back now but he couldn't even if he tried. Joe has embarked on a journey which will take him on a brutal and terrible path where the truth of his childhood is shockingly laid bare as the story unfolds.

About Aine Harte-Kelly

GB United Kingdom

Aine Harte-Kelly is an Irish author. Her third novel The House Where No Bird Sings is a worthy successor to her best selling novel Nobody's Child (nom-de-plume Anne Kelly). Growing up in the North of Ireland Anne's love of writing was fired during those formative years. Refreshing, exciting, different.....are just a few adjectives related to Anne's new novel a must read!


Thank you for your kind comments. I am pleased you enjoyed my book.

This book is a true page turner when I started reading it I couldn't put it down brilliant plot it twists and turns and intrigues my only grouse was that it had to finish!

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