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The Hummingbird Effect

by Jill Province  US United States

May 7, 2016   |    937 reads    |   0 comments

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The Hummingbird Effect (book) by Jill ProvinceVital500 is the answer to expanding waistlines - or is it? The miracle cure for the overweight is making record breaking profits for Wholegrains, but the product has an unfortunate side effect - the untimely death of millions.
When Max Garrett discovers his employer's deadly secret, he immediately become the target of a corporation’s revenge - payback so deadly, Max stages his own death to protect his family.
But all is not quiet on the eastern front, as the CEO of Wholegrains, Bradley Diamond, becomes obsessed with eliminating the only remaining link to a lethal plan.
While millions of people innocently continue on the path to their own demise, Wholegrains seems to be unstoppable, until….

About The Author

Jill Province is a former counselor and creator of the Carol Freeman trilogy; Silent Epidemic, Grave Perception, and A Cycle of Greed. The Hummingbird Effect is a stand alone adventure, followed by Murder in Woodbury. Her psychological thrillers are a mirror image of her past experiences working with the human psyche. Formally from New York, having moved too many times, she finally found paradise in the North Carolina Mountains with her family and two Eskimo Spitz cuties.
Please visit her at for an in depth - behind the... more

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