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The Indigo Journals

Spiritual Healing For Indigo Adults & Other Feminine Souls
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by Yol Swan  US United States

October 6, 2015   |    1,891 reads    |   0 comments

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The Indigo Journals (book) by Yol SwanIf you feel disempowered and disconnected in a world that doesn’t make sense to you, and crave to find your purpose, The Indigo Journals holds the answers you’ve been looking for!

From her mystical experiences, channeled messages and encounters with enlightened masters, to the cosmic memories that led her to an in-depth exploration of the wounded Feminine, the author takes you on a spiritual healing journey to unlock your hidden creative power and fulfill your purpose in this overly masculine world.


About The Author

Yol Swan is a spiritual counselor and coach living in the mountains of North Carolina who has taken the understanding of the psyche to new cosmic depths through her innate perception of life as vibrational energy and a lifelong inquiry into the soul. Born to intellectual parents and surrounded by a blend of shamanic cultures and religious traditions, she was drawn to psychoanalysis in her 20s, which became a springboard into a spiritual exploration of Consciousness during a 3-year retreat in almost complete isolation.

She was then initiated as a Buddhist nun by a liberated monk from... more

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